Our ocean-going factory vessels transform deep seawater into needed products:


Drinking Water


Marine Minerals Premix 



DeepSeaTek provides custom deep seawater processing systems—installed on factory vessels deployable to any suitable water-side location in the world. This lets our clients quickly, effectively, and economically solve many of the water stress problems now afflicting a growing number of regions across the Planet. 
Our proven systems are unique and designed with a strong emphasis on protecting the environment, incorporating:● Proprietary deep seawater extraction and filtration technologies● Clean, brine-free desalination● Seaborne production and delivery facilities● Proprietary vessel and process management software

Genesis:Water, for both drinking and sanitary use, is a pressing need for regions all over the world under severe water stress.  
Developing sustainable agriculture with limited chemical usage is a serious and urgent challenge for our planet’s future.
With the support of our technical partner, we offer 40 years of worldwide, interdisciplinary marine experience and over 25 years of water and marine engineering research. 

Our Offer:Ships, equipped with factories that produce quality drinking water from the deep ocean and transform powdered mineral fertilizers into clean hydro-fertilizers.

Our Ambition:● Respond immediately, effectively, and consistently, to global water shortages.
● Limit carbon footprint from water plants and logistics activities.
● Propose sustainable alternatives to classic onshore plants.
● Spread our clean hydro-fertilizers for sustainable agriculture.


Our technical partner is a group of passionate engineers who have developed the advanced technological competencies needed to complete offshore and onshore projects for decades:
● Offshore, as subcontractors to major petroleum companies over 25 years, specialized in anchoring of unloading mono buoys, laying barge pipeline, and software editing for factory ships● Ship management● Water treatment and desalination● Food and beverage industrial processing● Turnkey plant construction● ERP software dedicated to marine and food industries

Thanks to their recognized competences, they built and deployed ODEEP ONEthe World's first factory ship and marine bottling plant

As high tech engineering actors, we meet complex challenges and propose sustainable solutions on a custom basis

Onboard factory, a challenge by itself


Proprietary ship management software


Mobile factory vesselproduces while it delivers


Key innovations for a sustainable world


By nature, factory vessels are mobile. This sole aspect makes our systems much more efficient than traditional onshore factories in many ways:
● No need to wait for factory set up materials, and equipment delivery: our ship will fetch them directly from the suppliers.
● Wherever needed, final products can be delivered to any port, large or small
● While sailing, our vessel produces ordered products, shortening production/delivery time to clients and minimizing costs accordingly


Since the start of the Millennium, transformation to automation and digitization have characterized industries worldwide
In logistics and marine transportation especially, this transformation is difficult and costly. Many industries have yet to complete these inevitable changes
Our Seahorse software management was initially developed two decades ago and since then has been constantly improved and updated


This is the main challenge that most industries have to take on to preserve natural resources for future generations and sustain their activities. Deep Sea Tek and its technical partner are engaged to fulfill 11 of the 17 UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
● Factory vessels sail continuously and slowly with light fuel consumption, significantly minimizing the logistics carbon footprint by handling all sea freight to the port of discharge. 
● Production processes use no outsourced electricity, only self generated power—no gas, no chemicals
● Brine expulsion is neutralized, resulting in zero environmental impact

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